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Exhaust Notes – Django Review

django review by exhaust Notes

Django review: THEY call her Django. It means ‘I awake’. And no, we’re not talking about the Quentin Tarantino movie or the programming language of the same name. What she is though, is the uber cool 2019 Peugeot Django Evasion scooter.

Stand back and admire her, or him, if you prefer, or maybe just it. We all name our bikes right? For now lets go with it. The Django looks like it belongs out the front of a trendy inner city café or on a beautifully grassy knoll in front of a river.

It’s a modern retro ride with a hint of French flair, particularly in Dragon Red. No one is going to walk past this French beauty without noticing it, despite its size either. If Dragon Red is not to your liking, it’s also available in Vitamine Orange and Deep Ocean Blue.

There’s some attractive siblings on offer too, including the Mad Black Sport S Django and range topping Chocolate Allure, both of which come at a $200 premium over the ride away price of the Evasion we tested, which hits the road at $4,990 ride away.

Not everything is retro either, as there’s some really cool modern features that add to the Django’s charm, including a semi-digital dashboard that encompasses an analog tachometer with a needle light, graduated in mph and km/h.

A digital computer with blue back-light illustrates the fuel gauge, odometer, outside air temperature, time and battery charge indicator. Its 150cc heart produces 7.5kW of love, delivered in the most user friendly way possible.

This bike is simple, fun and sophisticated. It’s loaded with retro styling but packed with modern features; ABS brakes among them. It can pull up in a hurry, while keeping the rider in full control.

That’s achieved by only having the ABS fitted to the front brake, allowing the system to keep optimal efficiency and not upset the stability of the scooter. It’s light and easy to manoeuvre, and will leave you with a grin from ear to ear.

With a dry weight of 129kg, electronic fuel injection, and a fuel tank capacity of 8.5-litres, it isn’t going to cost you the earth to take for a drink either. With a wheelbase length of 1350mm and a seat height of 770mm, the Peugeot Django is well proportioned too.

This is proven in the ride. We often found ourselves choosing the Peugeot scooter when we needed to head to the local shops, or just nip around the corner to see someone, rather than jump in a car or on another bike.

The Peugeot Django Evasion became our best friend because of its excellent manners on the road, although it does get a little loud and obnoxious when you put the indicators on though. The accompanying beep sounds more like a truck reversing.

That aside, your new friend (he or she) has plenty to offer, including a front compartment, with plenty of room to store a smartphone or wallet, and under seat storage, with space for the milk and bread, or a full-size ladies’ handbag.

Super easy to ride for either a full time experienced rider or a novice, the Django Evasion is pitched at competitors such as Vespa, Sym and Kymco. Will you do as we did and fall in love with its modern retro charm. It’s worth taking on a date at the very least.

Django review & words by Andrew Jenkin


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